Solar Shades in Cypress, TX


Our indoor Solar Shades in Cypress, TX, are a smart way to extend your view of the outdoors. Interior Solar Shades can be motorized or manual and come in a variety of colors to match your decor.

When choosing fabrics, remember that light color fabrics reflect the heat, whereas dark color fabrics absorb the heat.

The most popular solar shade fabrics have a 5% or 10% openness factor, as you see in the photos below.  


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In this picture is shown the Motorized Roller Shades

with fabric Phifer 2705, 5% open factor, color P 12 Oyster.

At the Sides are Drapery Side Panels , fabric is Linen, color White.


Retractable Solar Shades

Retractable Solar Shades are made for interior and exterior use. Retractable Shades are moved up and down with the use of a motor and remote control. The size of the window covering and personal preference will determine which retractable system to use.

Contact us at 281.252.5141 to discuss which option best suits your individual needs.


Large Window Shades



Large Window Shades are our specialty. Interior Solar Shades that will cover your wall of windows, as well as Exterior Window Shades extending the length of your patio will be manufactured at our facility just outside of Houston.

  • Large Window Shades, meaning Window Shades that are over 12 feet wide, must be motorized.
  • This will extend the life of the product with strength and durability.
  • We have many shade fabrics to choose from. Each category of fabrics come in a variety of colors to match your decor.

Roller Window Shades

The term Roller Shades encompasses several styles of window coverings, all of which roll up and down.

  • Interior Roller Shades - are made with fabrics, manual operations, or motors and controls for use indoors
  • Exterior Roller Shades - are made with fabrics, manual operations, or motors, and controls made to withstand the outdoor elements.
  • Roller Shades can be made with various types of material: Solar Shades allow you to maintain your view, Privacy Shades can not be seen through from the inside or outside but have an ambient glow of light. Blackout Shades are what the name implies; no light will come through the blackout fabric at all.





At Automated Shade, we provide a wide selection of shades to fit every décor and need from roller shades to roman shades. Please contact us today to see how we can help you.