Shades installed and working perfectly. We couldn’t be more pleased with design, functionality, ease of programming, and appearance. We are amazed at the change in temperature in our great room when the shades are lowered during morning sun. 

Now I need to learn how to program the system on my phone. It’s an age thing!


Thanks to you and all in your company for guiding me through the entire process.
Em Hughes
Holiday Barn



We love them (exterior shades), Everything is working out good with them.



Mike Mabry



In March of 2016 my husband and I had several shades installed by Automated Shade and we are very pleased with the products. The shades are made with excellent quality and workmanship (Phifer products and materials are great), and they were properly and professionally installed.

The crew, Al and Nathan, installed the shades and they were both very polite, concerned about cleaning the area, very careful to set up the shades perfectly and quite the experts in what they were doing. The entire staff with whom we worked was efficient, pleasant and attentive. Even though a bit expensive, it is definitely worth ordering from Automated Shade and we would recommend the company and order from them again in the future. 

I am sincere in my comments and appreciate working with you,

Best to you,




We are incredibly pleased with the shades you installed on our home.  They look great and work great.  Our guests love it when we press a button and a 30 foot wall of shades gently descends down the side of our patio.  Better than looking great, they are an absolute life saver in the summer for our west facing windows.  You can literally feel the temperature drop 20+ degrees when the shades are put down.  Fell free to use us as a reference anytime.  


Again thanks,

Ross and Debbie McAlpine




Dear Nancy,

I just wanted to say thank you for the amazing job you did on my theater curtains! They look perfect thanks to all of your hard work. I highly recommend you to anyone looking for theater curtains!!

Warm Regards, Lisa Schettino



Satisfied Customer

I moved into a newly constructed home that had unusual windows. I contacted Automated Shades   to help with figuring out what I could do for window coverings.  Nancey McClure came out to measure and brought tons of fabric samples that I could choose from.   She was amazing!   She had the patience to come back several times until I finally made a choice.   I am so happy how my drapes turned out and how she worked with my design for hanging  them of which turned out exactly how I imagined.   I am more than pleased and will refer her to the other New homeowners here.


Corliss Long

Wildwood Glen



I actually did not realize that this was the same business as AutomatedShade.Com until I noticed that the phone numbers were the same. Here goes.

Do you know how you have people come to your house and do work only to be disappointed with how they comport themselves or the quality of the work or their products? Not the case here. This is easily the most professional organization I have dealt with in a long time.

This all started with my wife and I deciding that we would like to have some automated shades installed in our living room and master bedroom. In the case of the living room, the problem was that the shades were back behind a fairly large couch and hard to get to so they always stayed down. In the case of the master bedroom, I am very sensitive to light and tend to work odd hours so I need a complete blackout environment (think a photo darkroom) so that I can sleep. We called several companies to come out, take a look at what we wanted and give us quotes. One of those companies was AutomatedShade.Com and, after exchanging some initial email with basic specifications, Nancy and Roy came out on a Saturday to meet with us.

As soon as they came in the house, we immediately felt more comfortable with them than with the other people we had spoken to. They were on time, professional and helpful making several suggestions that we would not have thought of. Roy and I discussed the engineering of the solution while Nancy and my wife sat down to pick out fabrics. Within 45 minutes, everyone knew exactly what needed to happen, we shook hands and waited for their quote.

Several days later (the time frame that we agreed) I received the quote from Nancey. Just so we are clear, they are not cheap but, I am very particular about quality and was convinced that they were the only ones who had the capability to do exactly what we wanted. We signed the contract and paid the standard half up front.

It takes a couple of weeks for these shades to be constructed which we used to have the electrical contractor come out and run the necessary wiring. This took about a day and was relatively painless.

Then the installation began and was done in 3 phases:

Day 1: Drywall repair from the electrical work and hanging and wiring of the bedroom shades.

Day 2: Light seal of the bedroom and when I say light seal, I mean SEALED. King Tut never had it so good.

Day 3: Hanging and wiring of the living room shades.

Throughout all of this, Roy was extremely professional putting down drop cloths, cleaning up after himself and even doing touch up paint where necessary. The crowning touch: My wife watches several babies during the week so Roy was kind enough to agree to come in on Saturday, his day off, so as not to disturb the little ones.

What can I say? I am blown away. We love our shades and the experience could not have been better. In this day and age of people who over-promise and under-deliver, finding an organization of this quality is rare. Now if they only built patios (my next project) life would be perfect! Thank you Nancey and Roy. It was a pleasure working with you.


David B.




Very pleasant experience. I ordered 2 motorized tracks from automated shades, about 4 weeks ago. They were shipped fast, packaged very professional. Customer service is outstanding! Tim took the time to go over all the programming instructions, and when I needed some additional parts shipped them lightning fast without waiting for me to send him the old ones back. I would definitely recommend this company for your needs. Thanks Tim!