Reloadable  Battery Tube / Wand - Holds 8 12V AA Lithium Batteries  ( Batteries Sold Separately )
Size: L= 20.25" x W = .7"
Weight: 7.6 oz
For use with Lithium Batteriers only
NOT Approved for use with alkaline or rechargeable batteries

The 12V DC Reloadable Battery Tube / Wand  is used for all motorized window coverings powered by Somfy WireFree™ motors. This reloadable tube / wand  uses 8 AA lithium batteries and makes battery replacement so simple so that you can do it in just a few short steps. You may also replace you current Somfy battery wand with this Somfy Battery Tube / Wand.  Fast,simple installation, consider our battery tube / wand clips for easy mounting or a extension cord for placing your battery tube / wand in the ideal location.

Other Features to Consider:
No Wires to Conceal
No Need for an Electrician
End Screws Off to Simply Insert Batteries
Requires 8 AA lithium batteries sold separately Part  # 9014834 or equivalent
NOT Approved for use with alkaline or rechargeable batteries.

Please Note:
Replaces single (#9013741) and Dual (#9013742) throw away sealed Somfy battery wands and enables users to simply replace batteries.
Replaces discontinued part#'s: 9013388, 9013260, 2330051, 233007, HACC-9295, 9013229

Main technical information
Application(s) Blinds
Projection screen
Interior Window Coverings
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