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The terms “blackout” refers to the fabric used for the product in our blackout curtains in Cypress, TX. Blackout Shades are made with fabric that has a solid opaque layer, which prevents light from passing through the cloth or fabric. Blackout Draperies are made with a blackout lining, which prevents light from bleeding through the weave of the cloth.   Whether you are ordering blackout shades or blackout draperies, the term does not imply absolute or complete blackout.


The fact is, light will glow around any opening, crack, crevice, split, or junction, which is not completely sealed off. 

When a greater degree of light blocking is desirable, additional features may be added for a surcharge, which will increase the room darkening effectiveness.

For example, Cassette Headboxes may be added to the top of a shade to block light, which would glow around the roller. Side Channel strips may be added on the sides, which will enclose the fabric within the channels. Both these features increase the light-blocking capabilities of the treatment, yet even these are not guaranteed to eliminate 100% of light.

Frequently, the condition of the sheet rock, squareness of windows, and other features may make it virtually impossible to create a complete blackout environment.




Relative to blackout and custom drapes in Houston, the tracks which the draperies ride on are mounted out from the wall a few inches so that light will glow around the top of the system. This can be greatly reduced by the addition of a cornice which is mounted to the wall above the window opening, extends out over the top and comes back down a few inches over the top of the draperies. Even here, it is still possible for light to bounce its way through and create some glow in this area. Where the two panels meet in a center split drapery, even though the panels will overlap, there may still be some light glow in this area.

In summary, the only way to create an environment devoid of light is to cover the window with a completely sealed fixture.

We hope that this information was helpful and that you fully enjoy the room darkening effects of our blackout curtains and shades.

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